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Robe Robin LEDBeam 100 - LED Head [Hire]

Robe Robin LEDBeam 100 - LED Head [Hire]

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Robe's super fast ROBIN® LED Beam 100 is the ultimate effects lighting tool.

A highly optimized motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement, three LED zones allow the creation of various colour chases, and the extra punchy 7 degree beam angle can be amplified with fast strobing. Simplified control via pre-programmed of colours, colour chases and effects on a virtual colour wheel and various strobing and pulsing effects allow quick and easy programming.


Light source

12x 15W RGBW multichips

Light output
5.960 lux @ 5 m / 3.220 lm

Zoom range

3 LED zones, virtual colour wheel, strobe effects

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