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Crown I-Tech 4000 [Hire]

Crown I-Tech 4000 [Hire]

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The Crown I-T4000 is a two-channel power amplifier designed for professional touring sound or fixed installation use.

The unique hybrid design of the I-T4000 melds the high power, high output voltage, and clean transient response of a huge, heavy, old-school power amp, with onboard programmable DSP dynamics processing, computer networking capability, digital connectivity, and 24-bit/96 kHz A/D - D/A converters. All of which is packed into a lightweight 2 RU chassis of aluminum construction, weighing only 28 lbs.

The rear panel of the I-T4000 is largely devoted to color-coded connector groups, all separately grouped and clearly labeled, which certainly simplifies the setup process.

The I-T4000 DSP collection includes a time-align delay, an RTA section, a crossover section, compression, limiting and various graphic EQ's: this effectively replaces 5 or 6 pieces of gear in the rack. The 3 quick-access programming buttons are conveniently located directly below the large, brightly lit LCD display, itself a welcome feature, considering the inadequate lighting encountered in many live situations. The screen also offers full views of diagnostics and operating status information.

Computers, digital consoles, and digital recording setups are enjoying an increasing presence in professional touring rigs, and sound installations in larger venues, theaters, and houses of worship. The progressive design of the I-T4000, created by one of the planet's premier amplifier manufacturers, shows foresight, practicality, and relevance to the many options available in the Age of Digital.

High power density, 2RU chassis rackmount power amplifier with 1250 Watts per side at 8 Ohms, 4000 Watts at 8 Ohms Bridged Mono, and 200 Volt peak output voltage
Patented Class I circuitry for efficient power and low current drain, high output voltage for clean transient peak response
Unique analog/digital hybrid amplifier design, lightweight aluminum construction
Global Power Supply works worldwide, 5 power cables conveniently provided to accommodate different location AC outlets; lightweight, switching power supply type reduces overall amplifier weight
On-board programmable DSP with 24-bit, 96 kHz A/D and D/A converters provides built-in digital dynamics processing including compression, limiting and filtering
AES/EBU XLR digital audio input, RJ-45 Ethernet connector with full proprietary IQ and TCP/IQ multi-amp networking capability
Analog and AES/EBU digital XLR thru connectors
Color-coded rear panel connector group labels
Large, backlit LCD display with diagnostics and status information, 3 dedicated Menu/Parameter and navigation buttons for DSP programming
Complete front panel amplifier controls, pushbutton presets for quick loudspeaker setups and optimizing with downloadable custom presets available
Comprehensive array of color-coded signal, function and protection front panel LED indicators
Advanced thermal and fault protection circuitry includes coverage of short circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, under/over voltage, high frequency overloads and internal channel signal faults
Microprocessor control of two discrete thermal zones, variable speed fan cooling with front-to-back forced air flow
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